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You’ll also appreciate that having an MRI at Las Vegas
Radiology is as easy as lying down in a comfortable chair.

On this page we offer videos to show you exactly
what having an MRI exam is like.

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Most open MRI scanners sacrifice magnet strength to provide more space for patients.

The more space open MRI scanners provide, the weaker the magnet becomes reducing the field strength below .6 Telsa.

With the new Siemens Espree 1.5 Telsa Open Bore scanner, patients benefit from generous space and comfort.

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Not only is it completely spacious and open, but its design allows patients to simply walk in and be scanned. Making the experience even more enjoyable, patients can watch their favorite television shows while getting their MRI done.

The Upright MRI allows patients to be scanned in a variety of weight bearing positions including sitting, standing, and bending in a flexion or extension position. These weight bearing images allow doctors to make a more accurate diagnosis and effectively treat the problem.

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