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Angela H.

” It is always difficult to be a patient, but Las Vegas Radiology made it much easier. The front desk staff was so helpful in ensuring I had everything and the technologist knew I was there. The technologist were very pleasant and never gave me pause to believe I wasn’t important. The X-rays were quick, The Ultrasound was much more comfortable than I thought it would be, and the MRI machine was not that long skin by tube like I have had at other places, and was actually not intimidating. The technologist were all so professional that I never worried I was in good hands. “

Pamela W.

” I highly recommend Las Vegas Radiology to anyone who needs quality imaging services from professionals that truly care for their patients. Whether you need imaging services to diagnose or treat, Las Vegas Radiology has state-of-the-art equipment and world-renowned expertise to provide the best medical and patient care around! “

Lisa H.

” I had a great experience here. I had a 10:00 appointment, I arrived at 9:45 to fill out my paperwork, they took me at 9:50, and I was out the door by 10:05. When does that ever happen at a doctor’s office? “

Shahin P.

” I came in for an MRI aid my knee with contrast. The joint injection method. Everyone was so extremely patient with me and professional. It’s like an office run by your mom, aunt, and sisters. They’re compassionate, professional, and skilled. I can’t speak for everyone’s experiences, but they did an amazing job with professionalism and excellent bedside manner. I highly recommend.

I do apologize to the tech who held my hand; I am so sorry for squeezing too hard I hope your hand is ok.”

Nikki H.

“I had a quick, friendly and simple visit. I went for a mammogram for preventative maintenance. They are generous in providing FREE mammograms for the entire month of October!

I figured since I turned 40 this year I should go as it is suggested and a smart decision as early detection can save lives!

I had a good experience, I was in and out in 45 minutes at most. The procedure itself is not the most pleasant considering my breast being smashed like a pancake by a machine. However that is the process of a mammogram and it is what it is :/

I would recommend doing radiology services here as I had a quick and friendly experience.”

Tyler D.

” Been here twice and the staff was excellent every time! Very professional & friendly. I arrived early and they were able to get me in early. Tests took some time but the staff was great! “