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Ultrasound in Las Vegas

Ultrasound is a simple, safe, and painless diagnostic procedure that bounces high-frequency sound waves off parts of the body and captures the returning “echo” as images. There is no injection required or radiation exposure associated with ultrasound procedures.

Ultrasound is used to diagnose multiple body parts to identify palpable masses, fibroids, kidney stones, causes of uterine bleeding and other conditions. Carotid ultrasound may show plaques that narrow the carotid artery and limit the flow of blood to the brain.

Our Ultrasonographer will apply a conducting gel to your skin and use a transducer to pass the sound waves through your body. The ultrasound unit captures these “echoes” to create an image that is instantly displayed on a television like monitor. Each exam typically takes 20 to 30 minutes.

If your procedure is not listed please contact us.